My Buyer Takes Down Owner Finance Deal

Last week I was bought out of an owner finance real estate deal that’s made us a boatload of money over the past couple years.

I shot this Live “in the field” video for you to show you how we did it.

In the video you’ll see:

•    How to sell your Owner Finance Deals using a simply one page Letter of Intent
•    The Agreements we used to lock up the buyer
•    The Final Purchase and Sales Agreement
•    The Final HUD 1
•    And the property itself.

When I sell houses with owner financing strategies like Lease Options and Rent To Owns I make the biggest profits of any of the deals I do and the properties sell in HOURS (not days, weeks or months) …..AND I make more than any other deals I’ve ever done.

You should be doing these too…..

When you’re done watching it leave me a comment and let me know what questions you have regarding selling on owner financing, rent to owns, land contracts, lease options, and wraps. I’ll answer your questions right under the video. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “My Buyer Takes Down Owner Finance Deal”

  1. I would like to find out how come you don’t have re-sell restriction. I have bank short sale approved negotiated from the bank with 30days restriction.

    Looking for private money to fund this deal,we bought it right ($147K)little TLC. Repairs is $20K ARV:$250K easy. I would like to do what you’re doing but my problem is finding private money(very important).

    I love your cash cow machine and if you can referred me to a private lender interested to fund my deal I will be signing in your program.This property is in Sacramento CA.

  2. fantastic I get the picture and the problems of today ref:rent to own 4 times but keeping the deposit covers that nicely. thank you josh.

  3. Thanks for the great information, I’m new to this profession. You motivated me too inquire more information as to get started. Can u direct me to some educational info for beginners. Thank you Josh! Keep up the good work.

  4. Erlinda,
    If you are truly interested in moving this property and FINDING CAPITAL INVESTORS. We just launched a new program that has 3 coaching webinars with josh, solely covering How to Raise Capital. if you are interested go to and sign up or contact us 877.811.3011


    Jason Schlegel
    Ops Manager

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